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We have a lot to say, and most of the time it’s about pretty interesting stuff. Like how organisations can use cultural acumen to stay relevant with their customers, or how they can break down silos to become more customer-centric, or providing a look into the minds and lives of migrants new to New Zealand

There’s no point in keeping our smarts locked away. Mainframe is a collection of our thinking, frameworks and tools that will prepare you to make significant change in your business. Who knows, it may even help you spot an area for improvement in your business – which is where we can help.

TRA is an insight agency.

We use intelligent analysis to put people at the heart of the organisations we work with.

Insight at TRA is not any one thing, and it’s informed by the passion and skills of our team as much as any organisational process. We make extensive use of research, data analytics, information design, strategy and culture to identify opportunities for businesses to grow. But the distinguishing feature of our work is our knowledge of human behaviour.

Our approaches are diverse, but fundamentally we understand, on an empathic and intellectual level, how brands fit into people’s lives and how this can drive growth for our clients.

We’re based in Britomart, Auckland.
We’d love for you to give us a call, or better yet, pop by for a visit.


We speak our own language, and sometimes it’s easy to forget that those that aren’t familiar with us might not know what we’re referencing. Here’s some of the common terms we use on Mainframe, to give you a helping hand.

Kiwi Cultural

Codes are shared values across a specific culture. In this case, our shared Kiwi codes form the core of our identity as New Zealanders. The Kiwi Cultural Codes project was a collaborative piece of work between TRA and True looking into how our cultural codes have shifted, and answering the questions: what does it mean to be a Kiwi today?


We identify patterns within culture and structure them into levels in order to understand and be able to use them – we call these Cultural Currents.

There are 3 levels of currents:

  • Meta-currents – long lasting, global phenomena that influence all areas of daily life
  • Macro-currents – specific major patterns or trend developments born of and contributing to a mega-trend.
  • Micro-currents – niche innovations and signals of potential emerging trends

Customer Centricity (CC)

Customer-centricity is a way of doing business that keeps the customer at the heart of decision making. We often like to call the practice ‘human-centricity’, as people exist beyond their purchasing decisions as customers. Understanding people on a human level is key to an empathetic and understanding business.

Behavioural Economics (BE)

The psychological study that looks into human behaviour to explain why people make the decisions they do. Much of human behaviour is led by irrational cognitive biases. We can use our knowledge of these biases to predict behaviour and develop strategies to target behaviour change.

Millennials (Mi)

Also known as Generation Y, this term roughly refers to those born between the early 1980s and mid 1990s. We focus a lot on millennials because of their modern approach to life as they come of age in employment and purchasing decisions.

Culture (Cu)

Culture is a messy mish-mash of inter-related, ever-changing phenomena that span identity, technology, media, ideology, arts, business, environment and much, much more. More often than not, we talk about New Zealand society, but sometimes we reference global culture or a specific subculture.

Brand (BR)

We see brands as fictional entities, shared by many people, across many cultures. Organisations have the power to nurture and shape this mental construct through distinctiveness, and we call this branding.

The Listening Project

TRA’s Listening Projects are immersive pieces of research that put clients more directly in touch with their customer’s lives. The projects provide an in-depth look into the lives of key groups in New Zealand society, including young families, SME owners, millennials, new migrants.

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Stay in touch!

Stay in touch!

Sign up to receive our latest thinking straight to your inbox each month.